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On that day in the hour of the long knives
I slept and dreamed of you arcing into my body
cleaving fiercely to the comfort that only I could give
but was not able -- and awoke empty, the pillow damp

bandaged incisions and a deep furrowed feeling
the only solid evidence you were ever here
and I clung to the fact of your fleeting presence
as you passed slowly as the hours, bit by bit

moving through me, soft and slow as the red
silk handkerchief in a magician's hand.

A poet, teacher and artist, Caitlyn Childress Bergeron calls Northern Virginia home and anywhere with a view of the ocean heaven. While her poems have most recently appeared in Red Booth Review, Rock Salt Plum Review, and now online in Literary Mama, her most important piece to date is still a work-in-progress — a son who will make his appearance in November.

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