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Demeter Takes Her Daughter to School

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this morning
sugar flecks my skin

in the car
she smiles

dried milk on the seat
powder cereal

I plucked my eyebrows
to open my eyes

she pulls away
cinnamon under my nose

on the pavement
a dried banana peel

I plucked my eyes

black loafers
past the newspaper stand

a maraschino cherry
moist pitted

Alifair Skebe is a mother of three children in Albany, NY. She is also a PhD student in English at the University at Albany. Her poems have appeared in various print journals including Colere, Blueline, Diner, and 32 Poems, and online in Big Tex[t] and Philament. Her chapbook is Love Letters: Les Cartes Postales (Basilisk Press, 2004).

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