Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
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In silence the scar-trail of flame: wax-broken clouds: And mother, her children grown, watching:
in this sun-stone
granular late August.

strikes like forked lightning spelling some message
in sun.
Better the beggar brought to the barn
knight upon the peasant:
Small consolation in Sarah's smile
when the white light comes down & in women's secret inconsolable religions.

Born and raised in New York City, Lynn Storngin is an American poet living in Canada. She has twelve published books, most recently The Sorrow Psalms: A Book of Twentieth-Century Elegy; she also has work in seventy journals and forty anthologies, both online and in print. Her full-length book of poems, Short Visiting Hours for Children, is due from Plain View Press, Austin, Texas, in early 2007. She writes, “My status on motherhood? Spiritual mother to many students I taught, and disabled children I encouraged in music, no biological children.”

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