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IV. Children and Deliverance

A child bobs his head above water
and asks me in a loud, chummy,
out-of-place Dixie drawl
what all I am doing.

I am
searching up and down the burning shore
for bits of polished, tumbled glass,
less for the seizing of them
out of the jaws of the moody northern lake,
than for the witnessing
of their brilliance. Amber, smoky green,
quartz and aquamarine, the occasional
gleamy cranberry and incessant flares of cobalt
rouse the lapped sands
and a selfish, seamy world of broken bottles,
lost or
flung deliberately,
renews itself in jewels.

The child, with a keen sense
of what's called for,
shakes the lake
and chatter from himself
and combs quietly
in the dazing heat.

He brings all of his
fiery finds,
to me.

Kate Falvey is a single mother, who is continually urged to be an “independent writer” by her Hermione-Granger-loving third-grader, Annie. Kate received her Ph.D. in English and American Literature from New York University, where she taught for many years. She currently teaches at New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York. Her published work inlcudes articles on 19th- and early 20th-century women writers, a children’s story, and numerous essays for academic reference guides. Her poetry can be seen in the inaugural issue of Memoir (and). She is also on the staff of the Bellevue Literary Review.

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