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I Chew on My Dog Driver

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Stop wagging your tail. This is serious.
What were you thinking?
I don't believe the burble of the creek
was loud enough to drown my voice.
You had to have heard me call.
And if you had come at a run,
I might have seen where you were.
It doesn't matter I wasn't calling you,
as I tore about our acreage.
You are supposed to protect.
She is just a child. Only 2.
And she does not age in dog years.
When I found you, you had your
back turned -- digging!
And she had her toes in the creek.
I see my tears made little impression
on either of you explorers.
She has had her lecture:
You may not go out without an adult.
Driver is not an adult.

This, my dear canine friend,
is your lecture -- seething and full
of misplaced blame.

Britt Kaufmann is a stay-at-home mom to a 4.5-year-old (yes, that .5 is very important) and 2-year-old twins. She is a frequent contributer to West North Carolina Woman and serves on the steering committee for the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. A collection of her published poems and essays can be found here.

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