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Two Beams of Fragile Light

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One says there are no monsters
under her bed
because there is no room
too many books.
She wants to stay at school
when I pick her up.

The other lunges
to latch on
when I hold him again
mouthing for comfort
after the substitute he is given
warmed in a crock-pot.

I say there are no monsters
but how can I keep holding
back invisible crowding?

We drive home stunned
to books under beds and
desperate feedings.
While another day dims
their fragile bodies are lifted
out of the bathtub.

J. B. Rowell lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her husband, a scientist, and their three children: Mary Helen (7), Liam (4), and Shea (brand new). She is leaving her teaching gig to teach her own children next year, and will continue to write poetry in her “spare time” (ha!). Her poems have appeared and are forthcoming in several publications including MotherVerse, WOMB, asinine poetry, Mom Writers Literary Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, and the North Carolina Poet Laureate web site. She can be found online serving poetry and musing about motherhood at her blog, Mom And Apple Pie.

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