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Like Lambs

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"These lambs were raised on all natural pasture and the meat is very tasty and tender. . .Brother Joseph, who is in charge of the lambs, is a humble monk with a wry sense of humor, a deep devotion to the Gospel and the monastic life, and the proper stewardship of the monastery lands, herds, and flocks." -- from an email advertising the sale of lamb meat from Blessed Harvest Organic Foods Company.

In a like spirit, especially if a daughter
will scrape the ground meat from a pita
and her parents despair over the lost
iron, seeping now monthly from her blood,
replaced by nothing that has ever held
iron, the mother, acting on nothing more
than an old fascination with lifting scabs
from her own body, may take something sharp,
and, where even the gynecologist will not
notice, will drain her own blood
into a red soup. Like lambs, she invents, holy lambs,
no desert to be strung out into, whole
or half, surrendered to the spirit market
however the buyer prefers it, with beans,
with lovely blooming vegetables, eaten
hoof and nipple, sucked marrow out.

Adrian Gibbons Koesters lives with her daughter in Omaha, Nebraska. She holds an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University and is the author of Healing Mysteries, published by Paulist Press. Her poetry has appeared in Poetry Porch, Shadows, and Smackwarm, and is forthcoming in ink and ashes .

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