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The Sonogram Technician

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In the shower this morning I think of her.
About how I can't remember her name,
or even her face.
Her colors and shape elude me.

But I remember the way she searched the sonogram image
one measure too long.
And the strain in her words that echoed inside:
No heartbeat
No heartbeat
No heartbeat.
I remember the tissue she gave,
and the way she touched my knee;
the silence that mingled with her breath.

She didn't rush me,
I remember.
she let my tears slide out
in their slow, sad

Jenny Rough is a freelance writer who has written personal essays and articles for The Washington Post, Self,, and Writer’s Digest. She’s also a regular contributor to Whole Life Times, and she writes the blog Roughly Speaking. After reading Baby Love, Jenny committed to the path of motherhood.

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