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The art of mothering isn't hard to master,
though sometimes you may feel so nearly spent
your daily life becomes one long disaster.

Even mundane tasks can make you flustered --
like nursing in a crowded restaurant.
The art of mothering isn't hard to master.

And diapering, well, that's a gory task for
moms whose babes are never quite content
to stay still while mom wipes up each disaster.

Take learning to nurse -- a job that's clearly vaster
than trudging through the Arctic continent.
The art of mothering isn't hard to master.

And so it goes, the days and nights speed faster,
a sleepless blur of love and fear intent
on breaking you -- which would be a disaster.

But then your baby grows, and your heart festers.
Will having two kids make you more content?
The art of mothering isn't hard to master
though sometimes (Write it!) it IS a disaster!

Maija Barnett lives with her husband, two small daughters, and dog in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in The Blind Man’s Press and Desert Exposure. She is a former English teacher turned stay-at-home mom who squeezes writing into the spare seconds of her life.

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