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                      is so beautiful eighteen years old
with a little bridge of freckles across her nose
hazel eyes honey-colored hair and an open smile
like the world contained only goodness when I
was her age that's one of the things I don't
talk about all I remember is fists smashing
through the air any time day or night and
my belly swelling swelling Christina came
home this morning and said his name is Alex
mom and we talked all night
                                                well my daughter
as for me I was out late too pasting up posters
at three a.m. to remind the world that women
still want their rights it's my duty as a mother.

Janice D. Soderling’s poetry, fiction and translations have appeared in many international print and online journals such as The Chimaera, Horizon Review, and The Pedestal. She is a grandmother, relocated to Sweden.

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