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In the Kitchen

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Dough is rising.

Mama's hands are dusted with flour
like a sacred talc. The girls are princesses,
pioneers, flamenco dancers, firefighters.

Sometimes they are mothers, too.

A gingham tablecloth makes a fine parachute.
Wooden spoons can be oars, scepters, microphones.
The girls wash their dolls in the sink, leave them

to dry in the cat's bed. White particles drift
slowly from Mama's fingers like the last
day of winter, like the first day of spring.

Butter melts on a warm slice of bread.

Ann Walters is the stay-at-home mother of two daughters. A physical anthropologist, she put her professional career on hold in order to raise her children and discovered that it is a challenging, sometimes frustrating, and profoundly satisfying job. Her poetry has appeared in Poet Lore, Poetry International, Fifth Wednesday Journal, The Pedestal Magazine, Literary Mama, and many others.

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