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Natural Balance

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In 1968, I drew; man
With two dots between his shoulders, and
A long stick between his legs.
Roy Kowitzsky gave woman two chest circles
Also, with dots.
The lunch monitor collected us and art.
Phone calls later, our
Parents disapproved. National
Geographic was removed
From Mrs. Kalback's second grade.

In 1991, I grew; breasts
With mother's milk between my shoulders, and
Feathered stretch marks between my legs.
My infant son cried for my chest circles
Also, with dots.
The shift waitress collected plates and poise.
Several courses later, my
Baby refreshed. Natural
Balance was restored
To Princeton's sandwich shop.

Faithfully constructive in her epistemology, KJ Hannah Greenberg channels gelatinous monsters and two-headed wildebeests. Hannah’s newest books are: The Little Temple of My Sleeping BagThe Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles, and Citrus-Inspired Ceramics.

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