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Wild Craft

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Goldfinches float above the daffodils,
hang upside-down on the stalk of old
sunflower to catch last fall's last seed.

Kore, Ostara, Flora, sing intimate light
of air, flights imagination will entrain.

A flash of cardinal lilts down
to settle in a cloud of Creeping
Charlie, Gill-over-the-Ground
and sky-blue Forget-Me-Knot.

The fertile ground, the fertile round
that now excludes me.


My daily bouquet of dandelion
satisfies the neighbour's need

for desert of green grass and mine
for wild.

The yellow vibrant heads last
just a day, and then plunge sodden
into compost, to rot and feed more

flowers, not to go to seed and
propagate as they are raised to do.

Daily, the flowers bloom closer
and closer to the ground, as if
to speed the cycle, to seed before

the lawn mower lops off their
vibrant unmistakeable heads.

In thwarting their will to reproduce,
I celebrate their evanescent charm
and serve their leaves for lunch.

Penn Kemp is mother of two and proud grandmother of year-old Ula. Among her publications are twenty-five books of poetry and drama, ten CDs, and six videopoems, including Pendas, Penn Letters , Poem for Peace in many voices, and Muse/News. The League of Canadian Poets proclaimed Penn one of the foremothers of Canadian poetry.

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