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Meeting the Train

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June. White flowers bloomed
on the bushes. Through evening's yellow light,
I pushed a stroller over cracked
sidewalks. My scar tugged my stomach.

In those early days, the baby liked contrast:
my face against sky. He stared up at me,
and I paced the platform and waited
for the train to round the curve.

Silver cars chugged into view. I used to ride
the train. I'd close my book, sway
into the aisle, and wait for the engine to sigh
to a stop. Now, my husband stepped down,

his shoulders slumped. June, and everything
was new to the three of us. Walking home,
we paused to hold a firefly to the baby's face
but he couldn't see the tiny light.

Tess Thompson has published fiction in Seventeen, Literary Mama, and Rosebud magazines and poetry in ByLine, Calyx, Philadelphia Stories, Tempus, and the Oxford/Cambridge Mays Anthology for Poetry. She has a master’s degree in English Studies from Oxford, and a master’s of public health from Washington University in St. Louis. She lives with her family in Missouri, where she is currently a doctoral student in social work at Washington University in St. Louis.

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