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My Mother’s Chest

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I have a quarter and a penny, and the rest is in the grave, resting on my
Mother's chest. It's kept company by her salmon pearls and lacy blouse, and the
rustle of the insects stirring in her vacant heart.

Here's what I didn't know before she died: I didn't know my soul was trapped,
held tight within her chest, lashed to the bow of her being.

As she took her last breath, I fainted.

When I woke, everything was different: my arms weighed a hundred pounds and my
legs a thousand. I rolled my eyes: they were as smooth as marble and just as

She was gone.

The coins are my insurance -- a pickle jar of shiny dimes and nickels, brazen
pennies, weighing her down, just in case.

Pamela Villars lives in Austin, Texas, with her neurotic border collie mix. Her 20-year-old daughter (the dog’s former owner) is transitioning into adulthood by working full time and moving in and out of the house. Pamela‚Äôs work has appeared in Tiny Lights, Drash Pit, and Wanderings magazine; her blog is Musings from the Newly Hatched.

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