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A Bag of Green Apples

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I share Sylvia's bag of green apples,
and prepare myself for you --
while you, on the bottom rung,
starting out
like still water
in a cold pot,
cause me to stutter.
My hands stir the air to a panic,
digging my mirror from its earth.

I pick her green apples
from their tree,
and load them in my mouth.
I eat them all down to the core,
take even the seeds in.

You reach for every limb
I have to offer --
it is you I am full of.
It is for you
that I sustain life.

Your fruit lives in me
where you, and your blood, spill.
Afterwards you will leave
a violent mark,
knowing I will cry after you,
and that (for now) I cry
for you.

But, soon, we shall sing
our morning love songs,
put the mirror back
on the wall
and lean the ladder
against an empty apple tree.

Stephanie Bryant Anderson is the mother of three-year-old son, Jude, and son, Cash, who is days away from being born. Her poetry has been published in Eclectica Magazine, The Rose and Thorn Literary E-zine, Poetic Hours, Decanto Magazine, and elsewhere, and has work forthcoming in AdmitTwo, Right Hand Pointing, Decompression, and other journals. She co-edits Up the Staircase, an online venue for confessional poetry. Leaving the Paper-House is her first collection of poems and may be purchased by contacting the author at

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