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Alphabet Bag

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Yes, I'm sorry I forgot the alphabet bag yesterday;
here it is, filled to the brim with lots of C's
from our house. Yes, I understand that it is hard
to teach a lesson on C's when parents don't
participate. Thanks for your patience
with the ABC bag and our check this week.
Have a great day, and I hope the peanut butter
scare subsides soon; that must be such a pain.

Oh, and PS, I hate you,
for being everything I'm not,
for being short and round and dumpy
and not having the decency to care,
for choosing hugs and smiles
over promotions,
for being able to spend
so much of my son's life with him
without his very being expanding in you
every second as you try to
label him a product of
what you've done right or wrong.

Amanda Skjeveland‘s work is currently in, or will shortly be appearing in, Eclipse, Flutter Poetry Journal, Burst, Melusine, and Tonopah Review. She lives with her husband and two little boys in Maryland, where she teaches English and edits the literary magazine at a community college.

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