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I Am a Fever

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I won't speak, our ears
drowning with milk:
a ladled moon.

Hush, the buzz of a tattoo
needle. Listen. Have I told you
I could breathe fire until I grew up? Now,

I'm playing bone marrow, balancing
on chains. I am an egg
under the bed to ward off the evil eye.

Pink and green pills in morning, five whites
before bed. Have I told you, my baby
would turn four today? I am the lack

of shower curtains in a white tiled bathroom.
I am not what you need. Drumming
inanimate objects, breaking

veins in my thighs, dashboards, your back, I am
piles of paper running from room to room.

Sonya Fehér lives in Austin with her husband Mike and their definitely only son Cavanaugh True. She earned an MFA in poetry from Texas State University, and her poems have appeared in numerous publications including elimae, Borderlands, and the anthologies Poetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry and The Ultimate Audition Book. She is a contributing editor for API Speaks. Read her blog, mamaTRUE.

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