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Tea Party

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My daughter cups
an imaginary tea pot,
tea that she has steeped
for a blue and winged skunk,
who is a most gracious guest
in our home.

As she sets the pot
upon the table,
she bends:
the weight, the heat
of her burden.
         Be very careful,
she warns the skunk.
Plucking two lumps of sugar
from the air,
         she soothes him --
         it's sweet. It will
make you

Don't ask me where
she learned this;

I'm bound to tell you
something as easy and daft
as everywhere
you let yourself

Leah Mooney is a writer and working mother in western Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband, her three-year-old daughter, and three cats. Her work has appeared in Satori and Smoky Trudeau’s anthology of writing exercises and examples, Left Brained, Write Brained. Her writing and photography can also be found at her blog, MooncatBlue.

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