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Dragged at Dusk from the Park


He howls the length of the street,
pleading with the parted curtains
to free him from the executioner
who is hauling him home
to be drowned in the bath.

Meredith Drake has worked as a newspaper journalist and as a writer in various capacities for various universities. A few years ago, she took up the task of learning to write short stories and poems and has published a poem in the magazine Foster Families Today. She lives with her husband, daughter, and son in Geneseo, NY, across from the village park.

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This is dark but it really moves me. It makes me think from the kid's perspective. Thanks!
Having children that are drama queens and kings, I found this hysterical! Well done!
Wonderful painting done with words.
Having been both the howler and the executioner, I can totally picture the whole scene. Love it!
Were you watching us behind those parted curtains? I know that you must be talking about us... Thank you for sharing.
Delightful! I seem to remember having similar reactions from two little boys years ago...
What a great take on bath-time! Now that my children are a bit older, I have the opposite problem...I can't seem to get them to turn off the shower! Sharon
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