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Because you want pickles for breakfast.

Because you say no with conviction.

Because you smell like pancakes.

Because spaghetti sauce covers your face

and you eat with brow furrowed.

Because your toes are round and dirty.

Because you laugh madly and off-cue.

Because the hair behind your ears erupts

like the wings of a charging goose.

Because you jump hard as if to subdue the earth.

Because a tractor is the ultimate prize.

Because a slide is best used backwards.

Because in my arms you are a strong slippery bass.

Because you lie on your back outstretched

and scoot away like a starfish following the moon.

Because you will wake warm and rumpled,

and call out to the world with shrieks and bouncing,

and when I come, and open the door

you will cry mama! with surprise and joy

as if somehow I were the unexpected gift.

Rebekah Skaggs lives in Oregon with her husband, 3-year-old son, and baby daughter. Between diapers and dishes, she relies on reading and writing poetry to keep her grounded. “Unexpected” is her first publication.

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What a wonderful, joy-filled poem. I love it.
I love this!
'wings of a charging goose' - that is perfect! Well done. :)
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
This is beautiful and such a great perspective. Thanks Rebekah!
Beautiful! Thank you for my morning tear-up! :)
Clear and perfect. I hear his mad laughter and feel the tug of her heart.
Rebekah, this is BEAUTIFUL! Gave me goosebumps all over.
I especially love the last line.
My fave Rebekah poem ever. :o)
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