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Who will I thank for this?
The dandelions have gone to seed.

My son has brought the tallest stalk,
and tiptoed over carefully
to protect its perfect globe,

a clock of white parachutes.

We take turns blowing but
my son is so hungry.

He says he wants to eat the world.
The biggest thing
is the whole world, he says.

I am so thirsty I could drink the world.

He stuffs goldenrod into an empty coke bottle
and offers it up to me.

Of this I drink heartily
and with no regrets.

There is another brimming
with the heart-shaped leaves of the redbud.

A graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program, Matthew Vetter’s work appears online in Semantikon, Public Republic, and American Life in Poetry. You can access more of his poems at or read the blog he shares with poet Jill Kelly Koren at He is father to Ben (6) and Jonah (3) and lives in Morehead, Kentucky.

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Thank you for this evocative piece, so perfect for this time of year when I find myself doing yard work with the help of a young assistant.
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