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Spider eyes


Did you know spiders have eight eyes?
he said,
his eyes bulging.
Really? I said
(thinking he might
have mixed up
eyes and legs--
he was only four).
But a few months later
he said it again
and then again
(even after he turned five).
So I looked it up
and, you know,
spiders really do
have eight eyes,
sometimes six
rarely two
and Did you know,
I'll tell my young friend,
some of their eyes
GLOW in the dark?

Sarah Endo’s writing has appeared online at vox poetica, and, and in the magazines Science World and Careers and Colleges. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and children, who offer unbiased feedback such as, “You’re a good poemer. You should write another one.”

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You ARE a good poemer. I love this. Congratulations!!
I LOVE this, Sarah! I look forward to reading more of your wonderful poems!
Brilliant, Sarah!!! love it!
great poem, sarah!
Sarah! This is lovely! I felt excitement in this poem: the excitement of little ones when they discover something, and then discover it all over again. And how giddy we mothers feel watching them in this process. This is something I savor...
Sarah, this is wonderful. I love how you capture his excitement from the child and adult point of view.
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