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A Day by the Numbers


Brush teeth for 2 minutes.
Drink 1 pot of tea.
Eat 3 squares of lavender chocolate -- secret treat.

Lower 3 shades in her room.
Open 2 curtains in his.
Hug each child 2 times. (Remember they need at least 12 hugs each day.)

1 Tbs. of fish oil &
1 Tbs. of vit. B in the fruit smoothie for the boy.
12 cashews for her & 1 pop-tart or ½ a bagel with cream cheese

For me, drink 36 oz. of water.
Eat 1 slice of toast &
1 Tbs. of sunflower butter.

The ride to school arrives at 8.
The late bell rings at 8:30.
Write until 11:30 -- 3 hours equals 7 pages.

70 minutes of yoga.
Home by 1:30.
Answer 3 emails, read 3 websites.

Leave for pickup at 3:00.
Get 3 kids in car by 3:30.
Home by 4. Dinner at 5

Hugs. At least 8.
"I love you's" sprinkled around.
Homework 1 hour. 1 glass of wine.

Tae Kwan Do at 6:30
The boy needs 60 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week.
Read to her for 30 minutes.

Bed at 8:30. Go over 12 hug min. & hug them until they protest.
Read for 1 hour while she falls asleep against my shoulder.
One essay. Three chapters of a novel. Hug son 5 more times before 9.

50 Kegels
Brush teeth for 2 minutes.
Fall asleep after 5 deep breaths.

Jennifer Lauck is the author of three internationally published memoirs, including the New York Times best seller, Blackbird. Her fourth memoir is soon to be published by Seal Press, and many of her live talks are featured on YouTube. Please visit Jennifer at her website for more information.

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This poem hit the spot. I read it and just thought, *exactly.* ps - I'm a HUGE fan of your memoirs.
Thank you.
I adore this poem and how it takes us through your busy day in a way so many moms can relate to.
Jennifer, How delightful--to read--not to live a day by the number.... Yet how true! Once again, you've nailed it.
I love this Jennifer. (Adn I'm impressed by your Kegels!)
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