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It's cold season, so I tell her:
Chew this. It'll make your body strong,
place the vitamin in her small hand.

For a moment, she eyes it suspiciously in her palm.
It's round and pale yellow.

What will it taste like? she wants to know.
Lemon, I say.
She squints her eyes.
I think it'll taste like moon.

Kim June Johnson creates with the medium of music and words and performs live shows that combine songs, poems and stories. Her poems have appeared in Room, Damselfly Press, OK Magpie, and previously in Literary Mama.

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Love it!
Kim that was great.
I love this, and am glad of it! Now the moon will taste lemony to me, not like cheese. I love when our kids communicate their perceptions like this, give us these new experiences--of them and of the world.
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