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In the Flower Garden


I am setting out young seedlings when
suddenly pandemonium erupts
in a nearby stand of weeping birches.

A jackdaw swoops toward me
with three fieldfares in hell-bent pursuit.
I feel the hot-edged swoosh of black wings.

The thief jettisons a blue, red-speckled egg.
Turn your back only for an instant.
The stolen egg at my feet oozes into the grass.

I lay down my trowel, remembering
an Easter Sunday morning,
the ambulance, the weak pulse.

The pursuers come back.
A female lands in our apple tree
and goes bird-berserk.

Janice D. Soderling’s poetry, fiction and translations have appeared in many international print and online journals such as The Chimaera, Horizon Review, and The Pedestal. She is a grandmother, relocated to Sweden.

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Your language is so strong and beautiful, expressing the "pandemonium," and the foreshadowing of "turn your back for only a minute" tucked into stanza 3 made me catch my breath. Thank you.
there is a sense of urgency beneath the peace in this poem, I really enjoyed reading this. thanks for sharing!
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