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Apron Strings

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Wait for dusk to cut
when the AM waves travel furthest

fibers snarl with child-spins                             cording to
I can hear Michigan over lakes and cold curves

I work in some fast frequency                    re-pinning angel hair
the color of crystal or spider webs

tied into antennae and finish peeling back hours
for the expression of watts                              pasta drain

silver dials turn to light-headed fluorescence
sink filling of water                              veil wince

wipe disruption on bib                      bend at waist to kiss
tuck sin into pockets                                and curtsy.

Melissa DeGezelle lives in Philadelphia where she mothers her sassy/smart daughter Hazel. Her poems can be found online at Shampoo, Sawbuck , and 27 rue de fleures.

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STUNNING! Nicely done.
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