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The Art of Not Knowing


The morning strange but well
done. A comfort: Antiparos, cut
out by a steady hand in dark blue.
I'd stopped at the café for a paper cup
of espresso and driven in
the other direction for home.

The baby was quiet today.
I worried about her future.
Or maybe it was mine. I worried
about falling asleep. Last night
we rode to our Greek friend's house
without completely knowing where

we were going. Then I understood
the baby's tendency
to run toward the top
of the stairs. Why
she isn't concerned about
her stuffed animals' silence
or the constant mystery
of where exactly
peek-a-boo faces go.

Laurel Fuson’s work has appeared previously in the Poet Island Press. This poem is the result of a year spent as a nanny on the Greek island of Paros.

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I love this. Simple but profound.
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