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Age Five in the Afternoon


Can I go to Megan's house?
Coat, I say.
It trails in his hands over cedar fronds,
   mud and break-your-mother's-back cracks.
They return, the inseparables,
   before the fog of my hand
   leaves the doorknob.

Chittering squirrels, they gather, gather, gather.
Blanket fort, seating for six
Neon weapons cache at 12, 3, and 9 o'clock because,
   you never know.
Look what we drew. It's a map of someplace cool.
The video we're not watching is over.
These are washable markers, right?
Barbie and Yoda fell in the toilet and they like it.

Did you know
cats hate trampolines and
ramen can come out your nose,
   if you tell the joke right.

Come on, let's go to your house.
It's so boring around here.

Dawn Flora Cadwell began her professional writing life as an advertising copywriter. Her freelance feature work has appeared in The Oregonian. Dawn is a past recipient of the Young Readers’ Literature Fellowship from Oregon Literary Arts and is currently at work on a novel. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and son–whose taste runs to math.

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Writing a poem that induces laughter along with personal childhood memories is even more difficult than telling a joke that induces a nasal-ramen episode! Well done!
This kindles childhood memories of time spent in a blanket cave with my caring and interested-in-me older step-brother. ...old memories, now, but cherished memories always. Thank you for billowing my sail.
This is lovely! I especially like the pace of this poem, the rapidfire immediacy of it.
What a fun poem! You have created some great images here!
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