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The Real Ghostbusters: Egon and Peter vs. Fallujah


Proton packs strapped to your backs, first-grade
Ghostbusters on the attack, you
track, room to room, full-torso apparitions and class five
full-roaming vapors.

PKE Meters show spectral activity in the bathroom. Ecto
goggles on, ghost traps set, today you are Egon
and Peter, bent in a doorway, portal
to another dimension.

Spector in sight, a positive-charged stream of particles
immobilizes the ghost. Beware of crossing streams, something
bad will happen. Total proton reversal, life as you know it
ceasing to exist.


Seventy-pound packs strapped to your backs, Private First Class
tracks booby-traps set. Bent in a doorway,
portal to another dimension.

Body armor on. Streams from
an M-16. Life as you know it ceasing to exist.

Aline Pusecker Taylor’s poems have appeared in Pudding Magazine, Lucid Moon, Spring Street, and other publications. Her poem “For Landon” won a commended award in the Tom Howard / John H. Reid poetry contest in 2007. She has also had several short pieces published in The Saturday Evening Post’s Post Scripts section. “The Real Ghostbusters” was written about her son, Brian, and his friend Matt while Matt was stationed in Iraq. Aline is also mom to Lindsey, and lives with her other half, Randy, in Ohio.

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