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She's pushing. She's doing some business. Someone has a red face. I think she has some work to do. She's busy. Is she moving her bowels? My guess is a b.m. I heard that one. First it was phtt, then phhhhhttt, right where my hand was. It's a little soiled. There's stain, a smudge. It was a big one. That was a good one. We have a blow out. There is shit everywhere. What a mess. She got caca on her sock. Icky on the finger. Her onesie's dirty. She nailed her kitty shirt. Who's the super duper pooper? Who's my poopy girl?

Deborah Bacharach’s work has appeared online in The 2River View, Blood Orange Review, Plop! Review, and Rattle. You can also find her work in New Letters, The Antigonish Review, Cimarron Review, and Calyx, among many others. She lives in Seattle with her partner and two children. Please visit her website for more information.

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