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Without a map

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He likes to play with wrappers.
We've used his Playskool cardboard box
        as a dumping place.
In some city, somewhere, people are starving.
Our refrigerator seems always to be filled
with moldy cheese. My son is ripping up
directions, likes to discover on his own.

I tell myself I can't write here.
That is my excuse for the long stretching
noise of television that strains our living
room, most days. My son is teaching me
about line breaks. I never know when
a thing should end.

Lori D’Angelo lives in Virginia with her husband, son, two dogs, and a cat. Her work has appeared in various journals including Drunken Boat, Stirring, and Word Riot. She is currently finishing a novel and looking forward to the cooler days of fall.

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