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The Child Behind the Wall


So let's tell it straight.
They send him into a room
to do his thing,
grab his weight in cash.
I've got my legs spread
for a gelled dildo and plastic
umbilical cords.
The monitor displays screens
of pixeled shadows.

Optimistic folk
tell me about a 45 first,
the blessing of twins
and Baby Jay,
but their stories are as stale
as a decade's crumbs.

They told me you would come
two years ago now.
An herbalist's tricks might
prod this old fruit.
But I've drawn no door
in the wall through which
to call you home.

Laurette Folk completed her MFA in Writing at Vermont College in 2003 and has been published in the literary magazines Upstreet, City Lines, The Copperfield Review, and Wilderness House Review. Her essays and articles have been published in North Shore Art Throb and The Boston Globe Magazine, among other technical/educational mediums. She writes The Meditation Blog and is an adjunct professor of English at North Shore Community College.

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Powerful poem, right up to the last line.
Such a strong and compelling poem! Congrats, L!
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