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I ate the sun today.
Cracked that hard border of space,
peeled off the white ozone layer
of an egg and
bit its yellow molten star in half.
My son tells me I can't eat the sun.
"I just did."
"It's not dark out."
"I'm not finished."
I open the black hole of my mouth.
Tell him to close his eyes.
He won't
I close mine.
Swallow the light.
"See," I say.
"It's dark."
"Your eyes are closed,
It's not dark," says the scientist.
I open my eyes.
See him glance out the window
just to be sure.

I'm still hungry.

Renate Wildermuth writes for The Albany Times Union and Adirondack Life Magazine and is a commentator for NCPR. Her articles have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald and Motherwords. Her poetry has appeared in Poetry Jumps off the Shelf, The Postcard Press, and Mannequin Envy. She published a romance novel this year, To Conquer the Heart of a King, under the name J. S. Laurenz. She and her husband and their two children live in Pennsylvania.

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