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Leah on Politics

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Obama is too churchy, Leah says.
What does 'churchy' mean? I ask.
I don't know, she says, shrugging
her shoulders.

Leah does understand politics
closer to home--I love you, Mimi.
I love you, too
, I say, wondering
what this is going to cost me--
ice cream, another stuffed cow,
a visit to the farm to pet Coco the lamb?

I don't have a brother or sister,
Leah says. Can I get a hamster?
The pet store crosses my mind, briefly.
I heed my own words: you buy it, you own it.
I've cared for all the pets I intend to: six dogs,
several cats, dozens of fish, and a bird.

You'll have to convince Mommy and Daddy.
My refusal drains Leah's patience.
I hate you, she says.
You're not always my favorite buttercup
, I say, giving her a bear hug,
which she wiggles out of.

In a minute we'll be best friends
and take our tree branch walking sticks
out on the path again.

Nancy Scott is the author of five collections of poetry and managing editor of U.S.1 Worksheets, the journal of the U.S.1 Poets’ Cooperative in New Jersey. She is Mom to four children and Mimi to five grandchildren. Her work has been widely published in journals such as Mudfish, Witness, Poet Lore, Slant, Journal of New Jersey Poets, and The Ledge. Please visit her website.

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