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Narration of Plastic Lizards

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Tonsil is small but equipped with a killing
claw, throwback to Deinonychus,
killer Utahraptor of ferocious talons and
better than T-Rex
which was just a scavenger.
Tonsil is small, only an animal alive
today among many such as Wisso and Plato who
fight together although they are brothers,
Tonsil and Wisso, Plato
is the sister.
Who will win remains to be seen.
They are not the same species but
have the same mother,
a climber of remarkable heights.
Plato is small and may not survive mating.
Tonsil and Wisso and Plato each weigh
seven ounces and walk on water
using foot flags.
Only Tonsil has the killing claw, like his father.
Wisso and Plato are herbivores but will eat bees,
praying mantises, larvae, krill in a pond.
I can resist doing something fun because I would rather stay home
and not put on my shoes.

Jessica Steiner of Jackson Heights, Queens, writes the blog SWEET ANIMAL about her 6-year-old son with autism and her 4-year-old daughter with extreme attitude. She has a long-suffering husband and an overindulged pit bull.

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