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What Came to Mind When the Teacher Told Us to Write about Being American After Haiti, After Struggles for Democracy in the Middle East, After Japan and in the Midst of an Economic Downturn.

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Yeah, what have I got? Nobody can take away.
--Nina Simone

She's got a small scar,
a little puff and indent
from the scrape. She made
it herself, in the living
room, dove into the corner
of a CD bin. Her little dent

she made with music won't
crease like the pock scar
between my brows.
When she reaches

the boundaries of danger,
we pull her safe, save
for her forehead mark.

What she got with scream
and dive, blood and pain,
ice and outrage.
She entered
alone and returned
with her first wet reminder of freedom.

Tricia Asklar received her MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She currently lives with her wife and daughter in Rochester, New York, and teaches writing at Nazareth College. She is also proud mother of twins born in September. Her poems have appeared in Boxcar Poetry Review, Chronogram, Cold Mountain Review, juked, Literary Mama, Neon, Poet Lore, Redactions, Red Wheelbarrow, So To Speak, and on Verse Daily, among other publications.

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