Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
Yet to Be Born


flutter bug                   swishy fish                   macaroon

tiger cub                      sea turtle                      diver scallop

tiny dancer                pugilist                          rolly polly

aquabat                      pretzel twist                 ping ponger

rollabout                    raisinette                        submarine

tidal wave                 ripple worm                 treetop

tether ball                 tenderfoot                     implant

fumbler                     tumble top                     tissue box

tulip bulb                 crescent wrench           candy corn

Jamie Asaye FitzGerald’s poetry has appeared in Media Cake, poeticdiversity, Snow Monkey, Speechless the Magazine, the anthologies Hunger and Thirst: Food Literature and Ariel XXII, and was part of the King County Poetry on the Buses Project. She received an Academy of American Poets College Prize and the Edward G. Moses Poetry Prize at the University of Southern California, and has an MFA in poetry from San Diego State University. Originally from Hawaii, she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and year-old daughter, where she works for Poets & Writers, Inc.

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J'aime beaucoup les associations d'idées de ce poème. Elles évoquent des images et sentiments différents selon qu'on lit les mots de gauche à droite d'abord, ou colonne par colonne. Voilà un bébé qui a beaucoup de chance d'être attendu avec de si jolis mots.
Like Olivier, I love this poem's matrix of images evoking the resident infant's many activities within her little home. It is a joy for me, someone whose pregnancies are in the past, to recall and to relish each sensation called up by the poet's words. And where does that "candy corn" come from? Is it there because it is tiny, and sweet, and her mother can't wait to have her, and--maybe--she wants to have a whole bunch of them!?
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