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And My Love Goes with You


in bursts of static song over a short-wave radio
in the coldest winter tucked into your blue wool socks

through the red, muddy water in the gutter after rain
in the cornerstone of the ground floor of your dormitory

woven into the wonderful purple of a southern twilight
and the strutting peacock of a clear midafternoon sky

up a steep ladder, down a steep hill, wherever you draw
breath: the oxygen, the carbon, the nitrogen, the pine.

Donna Vorreyer’s work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband, her dog, and (when he is not away at school) her son. Visit her at her website or her blog for more information.

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Another wonderful poem. I recently knitted a pair of blue socks for someone so it is especially resonant.
Thank you, RR. I'm glad the detail resonated.
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