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In forlorn January, I sit with other
         mothers of The Unusual
in semi-darkness, an alternative film class for kids.
Drowsy, sick of motherhood's fringe status, I'm
         saved by animation--
the children's paper cutouts instantly turned
         to motion by the teacher/film director, our saint.

With twenty-first century technology, my daughter's
         crimped, arthritic dragon
flies above autumnal trees, flapping his wings,
         undulating his spiked tail.
Almost graceful. Like our finger-tapping boys & girls
         in dark glasses and knitted ear flaps,
taken off Ritalin or Prozac, allowed to be floppy, jittery.

On the teacher's film screen, their objects jiggle & scatter,
         their humanoids flitter, cartwheel, limp. Like our hope.

Karen Braucher is the author of four poetry collections, the most recent being <a href="Aqua Curves“>Aqua Curves, which won the national Stevens competition. She’s published in many literary journals, including The Spoon River Poetry Journal, Nimrod, Pool, Rattle, The Worcester Review, and others. Her humorous mother-daughter amateur sleuth mystery novel, <a href="Poetic License to Kill“>Poetic License To Kill (under the name K.B. Tobin), is available in book and e-book formats. Check out her poetry website and hear her read her poetry. She is the mother of one daughter, adopted from China.

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