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Renaming the Newborn

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While wombside, your name was the color of spun glass,
blue bottles in the kitchen window, the color of milled soap,
a delicacy. Push prized, your name twisted
on the operating room floor, that mutation became selfish,
mine, earthy as a blackberry nestled against
mushrooms on a dinnerplate,
your being a building of postnomadic earth.
Practice and fumble, lines against the table,
your rose hips, your smell as sweet.

"Renaming the Newborn" has appeared in Stealing Time.

Molly Sutton Kiefer’s chapbook The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake won the 2010 Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press Poetry Award. Her work has appeared in Wicked Alice, Breakwater Review, Permafrost, and CutBank, among others. She currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and daughter, where she is at work on a manuscript on (in)fertility. More can be found at

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