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Weekday Morning Litany

Get up! We're running late, sweetie. Come on--get up! It's going to be gorgeous out today.
Get up! Seriously--it's getting late, come on. Get up.
Get up, or there's no way I'll get you to school and get my bus on time--
you're not the only person that needs to be somewhere this morning.
Get up--[I'm up].

Did you get your clothes ready last night?
Is your bag packed?
Is it a band day?
Where's your flute?
Where's your music folder?
You can't expect to share music with someone--you need to be responsible for your own.
Don't roll your eyes at me.

You need to get organized.
You need to take a few minutes before you go to bed to get your things together.
You need to eat breakfast--you can't just drink a glass of juice.
Did you take your allergy meds?
Did you take a vitamin?
You need to hurry.
You don't need to look at yourself in the mirror again.
You need to get out of the bathroom; you've been in there long enough.
You need to grab a sweater--it's going to be gorgeous today, but it's chilly now.
Don't roll those eyes at me.

Here's your lunch.
Where's your flute?
You'll just have to share music with someone at school.
Did you take your allergy meds? Do it now, please.
Do you have all your books?
Do I need to sign anything?
Did you finish your homework?
Please--sit down and finish that glass of juice and then put it in the sink.
Do you think I can't see you rolling your eyes at me?

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