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On the Interstate

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Life happens in flashes.
I write it down on Post-it notes.
Bugs splatter to their deaths on the windshield.
He asks me
"When we die, why the earth doesn't die with us?"
Farmland speeds by.
The wheels of the minivan hum too loudly.
I shout about things.
(It is dying, love--just more slowly than you.)
Behind me he wonders
Why dogs don't talk.
They do grow up while we're not looking.
We're on the interstate.
My fingers find a sticky pen under my seat.

Shannon Cavanaugh’s poems have appeared in the Spring 2011, Volume 3, Issue 4 of The Battered Suitcase, and online at Ramshackle Review and Borderline. She is the lucky stay-at-home mom of three lovely boys, Household Orchestrator Extraordinaire, and homeschool teacher to her oldest son. In spare moments she writes, teaches ballet, and dates her husband.

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Love this! Captures a familiar moment, but takes it to the depth all moments actually contain and evoke an uncomfortable reminder of the fleetingness, preciousness and temporary state that is our lives with our children... and with life itself.
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