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Rescued Barbie

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They sawed off her breasts.

It took a long time, two sessions.

            Inside she was crammed with cotton,
            a giant bouffant tampon.

Rose made a tube top from the cuff of her own sock.

They cut her hair with a toenail clipper and spiked it with glue.

            Rose amputated the misformed feet and replaced them
                          with GI Joe’s boots.

The impediments to her success were corrected.

Pants from a glove.
Two skirts from sweater sleeves.

Space helmet a cream cheese container.

            Nick tattooed Barbie’s arms with hearts and hammers.

                          wrapped in Xmas paper
                          under the tree
                          for me   for me   for me

Elizabeth Kerlikowske is a Michigan native. She is a poet, visual artist, and mother of three. Her publications include dozens of print and online journals, five books of poetry, and inclusion in several anthologies. She would never live anywhere else.

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I love this poem. Should have bought my boys a Barbie.
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