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Sonnet for Arran


Completely unselfconscious, you hold your
Lego storybook tightly in your right
hand. Small fingers turn glossy pages for
hours. Your eyes scan the pictures; short words light

up your face when I read them. Tell me what
passes through your brain. Tell me the crazy
plot lines a six-year-old can invent but
don’t tell me the dark death scenes. I’m hazy

on the precise details of whose side is
whose and what war your ninjas are waging.
Explain again when the dragon snorts his
fire why you don’t flee but seek the aging

sensei to save you. Your smooth skin, like snow,
might vanish in a landscape I don’t know.

Renée M. Schell’s poetry has appeared in Cæsura, in the anthology Poetry on the Move and online in Granny Smith Magazine. Her poetry is forthcoming at Tourane Poetry Press, in Perfume River Poetry Review, in the anthology Song of Los Gatos, and an anthology from Rainbow Crow Press. She is a freelance editor and translator from the German as well as a poetry editor for Red Wheelbarrow and the Willow Glen Poetry Project. She holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University and lives in California with her husband, daughter, 14, and two sons, ages 6 and 8.

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Great job Renee!
A subtle and beautiful piece. Thank you
Insightful into a child's important world, capturing a precious fleeting moment
Perfect after spending a long weekend building one of those Dragon Lair Lego set! Thank you.
Renée, that's wonderful. It encapsulate the love we have for our little boys. Where have these wonderful moments gone? Cherish them as long as youcan! I still have tears in my eyes ...
I can so relate! Those little 6-year-old minds have quite an imagination.
Your writing perfectly reflects that moment. Wow!
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