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She offers to come from Florida
to comfort you.
Whatever you need:
do your wash, cook you something to eat.
A two-hour flight, and she’ll be in Philly before supper.
Just to sit with you, if you like.
Watch Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune.
Whatever you need.

Her prattle
like a conversation with herself
fills the ghost air between you.

She doesn’t have to mention Bernadette--
the stillborn daughter
delivered 10 years before you.

You didn’t give your boys names.
They grew inside of you.
They fit in your palm.
And they died there.
That’s enough.

Autumn Konopka’s poems have appeared online in Apiary Magazine and Philadelphia Stories and in print in Crab Orchard ReviewSchuylkill Valley JournalMad Poets Review, and others. She is a writing teacher, amateur baker, and stay-at-home mom with two rambunctious kiddos. Find her online at

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Wow! Very powerful piece - love the descriptions!
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