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Bells tolled this morning
As I drank my coffee
Over the Sunday paper
And my daughter brushed the dog,
Getting him ready for a party in her mind.

Bells tolled from somewhere
Across the din of traffic
Through an open kitchen door,
And we listened,
And after they stopped
We sat in the silence
And listened to the echoes.

Then my daughter looked at me,
And I looked at her,
And she said what we both were thinking:
“I never noticed that before.”

Jill Rosenthal is a writer of poetry, fiction, personal essays, screenplays, and film reviews whose work has appeared in Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, The Berkeley Voice, and previous issues of Literary Mama. She taught poetry at UC Berkeley and currently works with at-risk teens through a spoken poetry program called Get Lit. You can find a collection of her humorous essays at Woman On The Verge, and view her public performance of an original essay about trying to explain sex to an 8-year-old here: “Avoiding Penetration.” When Jill is not writing, she is practicing law in Los Angeles, California, where she lives with her daughter, Shelby Rose.

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Beautiful, yet clear and simple language -- as always. This is an amazing writer.
Wonderful poem Jill- creates a great picture of you and Shelby together.
Beautiful words from a wonderful woman.
I feel the "feeling", and have experienced a similar moment myself, from time to time. This wonderful poem assures me the notion I have felt for so long: we are ALL connected.
Sweet, innocent, yet profound. Always great Jill Rosenthal. What's next ; )
Elegant. Evocative.
Now that is JUST. BEAUTIFUL. Such a poignant reminder to be present & savor the little moments. That's where life happens, after all, but it's so easy to miss!
You are so talented and blessed with the gift to write. I´m so looking forward to read more of your poems.
So touching and full of love!
lovely, Jill!
Now that's a beautiful poem...
touching and funny! this is great!
Gorgeous. You really captured a moment and a feeling here with such well crafted words.
Truth is beautiful and simple, and Jill has captured its wonder with her lovely, simple, profound poetry. Congratulations!
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