Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood


We were walking under maples.
That’s all.
It was enough to bloom inside my chest:
This.  Just this.
My daughters’ small hands folded in mine,
one on either side of me.
Late evening light
blurry through winter-bare branches.
We were going to see
the Christmas light-up downtown.
I had extra mittens and
a thermos of hot chocolate
in a backpack.
It happened suddenly,
that soft thud of
the self landing squarely for a moment
in the center of its own life.

Kim June Johnson creates with the medium of music and words and performs live shows that combine songs, poems and stories. Her poems have appeared in Room, Damselfly Press, OK Magpie, and previously in Literary Mama.

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Thank you for articulating that extraordinary moment. I love this poem.
Yes... simple moments...yet so powerful and such a truth that speaks of purpose and meaning in our lives. Love!
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