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Love as Though


My 8-year-old
Has memorized a poem
From a greeting card.
She recites it
From the back seat of the car:
Dance as though no one is watching, 
Sing as though no can hear, 
Love as though you’ve never been hurt,
Live as though heaven is on earth.

I sing loudly
And dance around in my seat.
She says: “Mom, people are watching!” 
Then grins, real big.

When she gets to:
Love as though you’ve never been hurt 
I say: “I’m trying,”
And my baby girl says:
“I know, it’s hard . . .”

Jill Rosenthal is a writer of poetry, fiction, personal essays, screenplays, and film reviews whose work has appeared in Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, The Berkeley Voice, and previous issues of Literary Mama. She taught poetry at UC Berkeley and currently works with at-risk teens through a spoken poetry program called Get Lit. You can find a collection of her humorous essays at Woman On The Verge, and view her public performance of an original essay about trying to explain sex to an 8-year-old here: “Avoiding Penetration.” When Jill is not writing, she is practicing law in Los Angeles, California, where she lives with her daughter, Shelby Rose.

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As always, pitch perfect.
That is actually one of my favorite poems "love as though..." And you have just managed to make it that much better! Wonderful, thoughtful and amazing, just like you Jill!
Way to go Jill- just fantastic. I am really proud of you. Love, leatrice
And she's only 8!!!! Gorgeous ladies both of you.
LOVE this poem!
Beautiful. Brava!
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