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The Best Things Come from Little Rock, AR

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I remember waiting.
I remember calling the Target in Little Rock to reserve a car seat.
I remember taking on the phone with his first mother,
I remember meeting her in Chili's with a guy who looked like David Crosby.
I remember eating breakfast every morning at the Marriott.
I remember how the first night we both woke up every two hours,
because he did, because we couldn't sleep anyway.
I remember how big his hands and feet seemed,
and how his skin peeled off like something primordial.
I remember his belly button didn't want to let go of his umbilical cord,
so the doctor put silver nitrate on it, which stained his shirt.
I remember all the people coming to visit in the first month,
how he smiled for the first time when he was just a month old.
I remember his first word was "yesssssssss."
I remember him pulling himself up to standing, learning to crawl,
how pleased with himself he was.
I remember how long we waited,
how much heartache, how much longing.

Eve Lyons is a poet, fiction writer, playwright, expressive arts therapist and breakfast taco enthusiast. She grew up in south Texas and now lives in Boston, MA with her spouse and son, who just turned two. Her work has recently appeared online in Mutha magazine, and has been previously been published in Lilith, Concho River Review, New Vilna Review, Barbaric Yawp, Word Riot, as well as many other places, including three different anthologies.

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